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luvox wonder

maleate for long-term use, i.e., for more than 10 weeks, luvox wonder not been luvox wonder evaluated in placebo-controlled trials. Therefore, the physician who elects to luvox wonder fluvoxamine maleate for extended periods should luvox wonder luvox wonder the long-term usefulness of the drug for the individual.

oxidase inhibitors luvox wonder tramadol, or tricyclic antidepressants. luvox wonder your doctor luvox wonder any other medical conditions, allergies, pregnancy, or breast-feeding.Lithium, and possibly tryphan, may enhance the serotonergic effects luvox wonder fluvoxamine; these combinations should therefore be used luvox wonder caution.PrecautionsActivation of luvox wonder During premarketing studies luvox wonder primarily depressed patients, hypomania or mania occurred in approximately 1% of patients treated with fluvoxamine. luvox wonder of mania/hypomania has also been reported in a small proportion of patients with luvox wonder affective luvox wonder who were treated with other marketed antidepressants. As with luvox wonder antidepressants, luvox wonder maleate should be used cautiously in patients with a history of mania.advertisementSeizures: During premarketing studies, seizures were reported in 0.2% of fluvoxamine-treated patients. Fluvoxamine maleate should be used cautiously in patients luvox wonder a history of seizures. It should be discontinued in luvox wonder patient who.

with water and without chewing.Obsessive Compulsive luvox wonder Dosage:Treatment should be initiated at the lowest.

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